There are a lot of different design elements involved in a kitchen remodel. Two of the elements that take up the most real estate in the room are your kitchen countertops and cabinets fronts. Whether you choose matching or contrasting designs for these surfaces, it’s important that they complement each other well to bring the design of the room together.

We’ve got some tips to help you decide how to pair your kitchen countertops and cabinets.

Matching colors

The simplest way to match your cabinets and countertops together is to literally match them. This is easiest to do with white or black surfaces, which can both create a striking aesthetic for your kitchen. Shades of gray can also work well, but if you’re going for a bold and bright color, then the color could overwhelm the room if you use it on both surfaces.

Light and dark

Another option is to contrast the two surfaces against each other. Sometimes, too many light surfaces in a room don’t create a very distinctive aesthetic, while too many dark shades can make the room seem smaller with less light. This mostly comes down to personal preference, but another option is to pair light with dark. For example, a light-colored countertop could be nicely contrasted by darker cabinets above and below it, or vice versa.

Bring out the details in your countertops

Many types of natural stone, like granite and marble, have small flecks of color in them. So, while the overall color of the slab could be neutral, there may be more vibrant flecks in a variety of shades. If you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen without it being overwhelming, then you could try matching the cabinet doors to these flecks. Say you’ve got a light gray granite countertop with small specks of purple naturally occurring in it, you could then use a matching shade of purple on your cabinet doors.

Accent with accessories

If you choose contrasting colors for your cabinets and countertops, then a good way to really bring the two together is by using accessories as accents. Your cabinets’ hardware is the easiest way to achieve this. Let’s say you’ve chosen a darker or bolder countertop with a lighter or more neutral cabinet. You could then select a darker cabinet handle to create a nice contrast against the cabinet door while matching the kitchen countertop. Perfectly complementing each other like yin and yang.

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