It can be difficult to find a house that has all of the amenities that you are looking for in a home. We often settle for something that has a majority of our criteria and either living with it or modifying the home to match our style. Emily is a blogger that chose to update her home rather than deal with it. She decided they would like a master bathroom and a larger closet, so they altered the walls to make the closet bigger, bathroom smaller, and put the entrance to the bathroom in their bedroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Houses in 1926 didn’t have suites as much, but these days it’s like the distance to the bathroom is a some sort of made-up symbol of success or level of adulthood.
  • There is something super lovely about having it in “our room” although had it been in the hall that would have been fine, too.
  • Of course things changed a bit and got more refined. So we had to update the mood board to reflect that (that light fixture in the photo was just to pass code because ours wasn’t in yet).

“After pinning so many beautiful, more traditional tudor bathrooms (think porcelain mosaic floors) I realized that the vibe we wanted for the house was way more ‘cottage’ than ‘regal’.”