Lets take a leap into Orlando’s Kitchen where he started off with an empty space, turning it into an all new beautiful kitchen. Take a look at how well neat and put together this all new kitchen is, but on a budget! Using only a select few items he’s really been able to turn it around. Although he’s said to have went a little over budget but the outcome is absolutely brilliant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Renovating in a rental can be trying and that it’s ultimately a huge waste of money. BUT! Spending money to make your surroundings beautiful isn’t a complete waste
  • My advice to renters…would be to put together a budget beforehand and have your landlord agree to pay a specific sum rather than “half the cost”
  • If you live in an impacted rental market like Los Angeles, you don’t have a lot of bargaining power because someone else will come along

“” All in all I’m very happy with my new kitchen. I think I did the best thing possible with the space. Would I do it over again knowing what I know now? Absolutely not. But sometimes when life gives you lemonade (a breakup, layoff, and sketchy landlord situation in my case) you make the best of it and move on. I’m excited to finally have a kitchen so I can make dinner for friends and not have to do my dishes in the bathroom anymore. You gotta celebrate the little victories in life…””