New Advancements in Stone Counterops

by | Oct 15, 2015 | News

Because stone countertops are so popular in the general market there is a significant amount of effort used developing new technologies to produce, install, and maintain these kinds of countertops. New advancements in stone countertops allow for a higher quality of product to be put on the market as well as to allow for previously unusable materials to be introduced.

The production of stone countertops involves grinding, heating, and then rejoining raw stones that are mined from around the world. During this process a flat, solid, and nearly impenetrable surface is created, which then becomes the stone countertop to be installed in someone’s home. New advancements involving this process and the technologies it requires make each step of the process quicker, safer, and cheaper. This means the overall price of the stone countertop goes down in the market.

Advancements in maintaining countertops help to make previously difficult materials more feasible to use. Onyx is a prime example of a stone requiring a lot of upkeep compared to other natural stone countertops available. Many people choose to invest in onyx because of its beauty but its fragility often makes it difficult to keep in good condition. Developments of home sealers and cleaners make onyx a more practical addition to any home.

New advancements in other but related fields such as mining also allow for the price of stone countertops to go down. As the technology in mining improves, more raw stone becomes available to the manufacture. Meaning stone countertop producers can be more selective about which stones they use. In turn, this selectiveness allows for the production of a higher quality product as well as for an increase in product overall.

As more and more advancements are created and developed, stone countertops not only become more readily available, they become more affordable as well. These developments allow you to find incredible deals on beautiful countertops and to keep them in good condition longer. Not only that but these new advancements make production and installation much safer for the producers, the installers, and for yourself and your family.