We’re always talking about the wonders of stone countertops in your kitchen and bathroom, from granite to marble and even manmade quartz. But why stop there? Natural stone is so versatile, so there are lots of other ways you could make use of it. This blog will give you some ideas on how to use natural stone outside of countertops and why you should consider it.

The versatility of natural stone

What makes natural stone so great and suited to a range of uses? First of all, it’s highly durable. This means it will last long and stay in good condition, even in hard-wearing areas like outside or interior floors. Natural stone is also easy to clean, so you can keep it looking fresh with minimal effort, wherever in the house you place it.

And speaking of looking good, this is one of the main reasons why people choose natural stone for design focal points. It produces an unrivaled aesthetic compared to engineered materials like laminate. Each slab of natural stone is unique from the next one, and different types of stone can display completely different colors and patterns.

Where to use natural stone in your home

So, as well as your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity, here are three great places where natural stone could feature prominently in your home.


Maybe you want natural stone to feature in your kitchen, but don’t have the budget for entire stone countertops. Or maybe you’re looking for a different type of stone to complement your countertops. A stone backsplash adds beauty to your kitchen with a relatively confined element. It’s great for drawing the eye and your backsplash will be easy to clean after a messy cooking session.

Feature wall

A feature wall can be added to pretty much any room in the house. It’s a way to break up the plain décor of your walls without making the room too “in your face.” Say the room is plainly painted in a neutral color, a natural stone feature wall behind your bed, behind the TV, or against the shower wall creates a dynamic focal point for the room. With natural stone coming in so many vibrant colors and patterns, you can find something to suit any design tastes.

Tiled flooring

The durability of natural stone makes it suitable for foot traffic, so it’s a popular flooring choice. Tiled flooring is ideal in the bathroom, kitchen, entryways, and outdoor areas like the patio or around the pool. It looks attractive and doesn’t suffer too much wear and tear, and a non-slip finish can be applied to keep you safe in the bathroom or around the pool.

Do you want to liven up your décor with natural stone? Whether it’s for kitchen and bathroom countertops or any of the ideas listed here, then contact Amanzi Granite or visit our showroom in Kernersville to make stone a feature of your North Carolina home.