Your design options can feel greatly restricted when you’re dealing with a small space, and the bathroom is often a room we have to make compromises on when it comes to space. But you can still design an attractive and comfortable room with the following tips for making the most out of a small bathroom.

Use lighting

Small bathrooms often don’t get much natural light, and some may not even have a window to let light in. So, you should carefully choose the lighting fixtures you place in your bathroom. Ensure that they create enough light to fill the room and highlight any focal points.

Use mirrors

Your light should also pair well with any mirrors in the room. Mirrors reflect light, which helps to create the appearance of more space. So, don’t be afraid to go for a larger mirror behind your bathroom sink to help brighten and open up the space in your bathroom. You could even install a wall of mirrored tiles next to the bath/shower.

Choose a clear shower door/screen

Whether you have a bath/shower or a cubicle shower, hanging a shower curtain blocks off the space behind it when closed and can still look a little cluttered when it’s open. Even a frosted glass door visually closes off the space a little. Opt for a clear glass door around your cubicle shower or a screen across your bath/shower to create the appearance of more space. Plus, sliding doors and screens take up less room than swinging ones.

Avoid dark colors

A darkly-decorated room tends to look and feel smaller. Choose light, neutral colors for your bathroom to make it feel airier and more spacious. If an all-white bathroom looks to clinical to you, then add splashes of color in the décor or bathroom accessories, such as towels and even toiletries.

Use storage space wisely

Placing shelves and hooks on the wall can be an efficient storage solution for the bathroom, but lots of these sticking out of the wall can also impose on the feeling of space in the room. Think of ways you can have more ‘tucked away’ storage in your bathroom that doesn’t create this impression, such as cubby holes in the walls or a bathroom vanity with storage under the sink. And a natural stone countertop would go perfectly on the top of this vanity.

No matter how small your bathroom, natural stone countertops and tiles can help to elevate its design. Contact Amanzi Granite for bathroom tile and countertop installation around Kernersville, Winston Sale, Greensboro, and High Point.