A bathroom vanity with a natural stone countertop can really elevate the look of the room, but it’s important to take good care of your countertop to keep it looking good. In this article, we’ve got some tips to help you clean and care for your bathroom countertop the right way.

Clean your bathroom countertop regularly

Kitchen countertops are at risk of having food and drink spilled on them regularly. While this can’t usually be said for bathroom countertops, you should still wipe down your countertops regularly and give them a more thorough clean occasionally.

Toiletries may be spilled on your bathroom countertops or water can pool on the surface from the bathroom sink or moisture in the air after taking a shower. You should always clean up spills and mop up pooled water as quickly as you can.

You should use mild dish soap and warm water to clean your bathroom countertops, or a cleaner specifically designed for that type of stone. Do not use bleach or any household cleaners containing bleach or acidic ingredients.

Seal your bathroom countertops

Many types of natural stone are porous, and absorbing moisture can affect their appearance and durability. Since the bathroom often has high moisture and humidity levels, it is important that you seal your bathroom countertops to help maintain their condition.

Keep unsuitable cleaning products away from your countertop

You know to avoid using overly harsh or acidic cleaners on your countertop, but you should also be careful with using these on other parts of your bathroom. If you use an acidic cleaner in your sink, for example, or on the mirror above your countertop, then this could accidentally drip or spill onto your stone countertop and cause some damage.

You can clean these nearby areas with the same mixture of warm water and dish soap that you use for your countertops.

Don’t place hot appliances on your countertop

If you use hair straighteners or curlers in front of your bathroom mirror, then you should always avoid placing these down directly onto your bathroom countertops. Keep hold of them or place them on a heat-resistant mat or surface until they have cooled down properly.

Consider keeping toiletries bottles off your countertop

The countertop around your sink may seem like the ideal place to line-up all your toiletries, but this might not be good for your countertops. Bottles will be wet after using them in the shower or condensation can build up on them from the shower’s steam, leaving them to create a pool of water at the base of the bottle. It is better to keep these products on a nearby shelf or in your bathroom cabinet.

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