Your granite countertops are probably one of the pride points of your home. But over time, they can start to lose their shine. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to update them and revitalize the look of your home. Not to worry, we’ve got a few different ideas of how you can refresh and revitalize your granite countertops.


Giving your granite countertops their shine back could be as simple as resealing them. It’s a good idea to reseal your granite countertops once a year to keep them in good condition and prevent them from becoming dull or damaged, although the frequency will depend on the quality of sealant used and how well your countertops are maintained. Call a professional to reseal your granite countertops for the best results.


Although granite is incredibly tough, you might find that your countertops have picked up dents, nicks, or scratches over the years. This kind of damage may be repairable. Epoxy or resin may be able to fill in damaged areas to make it look good as new again. Get a consultation from a professional to determine the best course of action for your countertops and to ensure the right color match is made during repairs.


If your countertops need more than a good clean or some extra sealant, you may also be able to refinish them completely to give them their shine back. This involves stripping the existing finish using chemicals or special tools, and then reapplying a finish. This is another task that is best left to the professionals. It can be a great alternative to replacing your countertops completely, but it likely can only be done a limited number of times. If you’ve already refinished your countertops a few times, then new countertops might be the better option.

Give it an edge

You can also update the look of your bathroom or kitchen countertops by applying a new edge to them. Depending on the edge you originally chose, your countertops may be able to be recut to give them a completely new look. A simple square or beveled countertop edge, for example, could be cut to give it a more detailed or ornate edge, like an ogee or bullnose edge. This is a simple change that can make a big difference to the appearance of your countertops. Take a look at our countertop edge visualizer for some more ideas.

Are your countertops ready for an upgrade? Keeping them well maintained and cleaning regularly will help to maintain their shine, but get in touch with Amanzi Granite if they need resealing or refinishing.