One of the best things about natural stone countertops is that they come straight from the earth. These natural materials are taken from the ground and then crafted into something that looks amazing in your home or garden. But, have you ever wondered how this process works?

We’ll take you through this process to help you understand how granite and other types of stone go from the earth to your kitchen. Since we’ve got such impressive granite quarries right here in North Carolina, let’s focus on how granite goes from quarry to countertop.

Mining granite from quarries

Granite is found close to the earth’s surface in locations called quarries. The stone is extracted or mined from these locations using drills and explosives. These techniques break large chunks of granite away from the quarry so that it can be transported and used in a number of ways. Cranes and other machinery will be used to lift the granite and move it onto a truck so that it can be transported.

Processing the granite

The granite extracted from quarries is extremely unrefined, pretty far removed from what you ultimately get for your kitchen countertops. The chunks of rock must be transported to a factory or other facility where it can be processed and fabricated. Specialized machinery is required to cut the granite into smaller slabs. Diamond blades are the most effective equipment for performing this job.

Once cut, the granite slabs are polished to give them a nicer finish, as it will have come from the quarry with an extremely rough finish. Large machinery using polish pads complete this process. The finished slabs are then ready for distribution. Some providers will fabricate the granite in-house while others will have it shipped to them after fabrication is complete.

Natural stone sellers can place these slabs in their showrooms for customers to browse and buy, but the process isn’t over yet. When someone buys granite, one of the slabs will be measured and cut to the right size and shape for the countertops needed. Different finishes can also be applied to the granite slab, such as a polished, honed, or matte finish.

An edge will also be applied to the stone, such as a square or beveled countertop edge to give it the perfect finishing touch. These granite countertops can then be installed in your kitchen or bathroom for the final result. The countertop may also be sealed to protect it after installation.

So, there you have it. A piece of natural stone from the ground meticulously finished to produce the perfect surface for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. You can visit our Kernersville showroom to view our granite slabs or get in touch to find out more about our natural stone and countertop installation.