Kids can make a home messy so what you have needs to be able to stand up to them. They play and are sometimes rough about it even though they might not mean to be. It’s important to remember this when redoing your home so you choose things kids won’t hurt. This gives good options for tiles.

Key Takeaways:

  • -Ceramic tile flooring is a functional and lowest-cost option for homeowners. Easy to clean and exceptionally versatile, ceramic is perfect for kitchen and bathroom spaces
  • -Porcelain tile is engineered specifically for toughness, so it’s a great option for high-traffic areas or families with multiple children. Especially resistant to scratches and spills, porcelain’s hard surface will continue looking great year after year.
  • -Natural stone tile floors are also naturally resistant to wear and spills—especially harder materials such as granite. Natural stone is a stylish choice for almost anywhere in the home.

“Tile’s durability, stain resistance, and versatile design qualities make it an excellent choice for parents looking to increase the longevity of their floors.”