If you’re looking for simple ways to update your home, then adding granite countertops to your kitchen or bathroom is the perfect choice. Just this one change can make a big difference, creating a classy look and feel to those rooms. It’s ideal if you don’t want to completely renovate your kitchen. Here are a few reasons why granite countertops are a good upgrade for your home.

Choose from a range of colors and patterns

Although granite is a hugely popular material in home renovation right now, you don’t have to worry about having the same countertops as everyone else. Granite is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. No two slabs are exactly the same. Colors range from greens, grays, blacks, browns, and oranges. Slabs can be mostly plain or patterned with unique veinings and marblings. Not only does this give you a uniquely-looking countertop, it also means you can choose a style and appearance that you really like.

They fit with multiple styles

Since their appearances are so varied, granite countertops are ideal no matter what the style of your home is. They can be used in modern kitchens just as well as in more traditional ones. They can create a minimalistic style or something more extravagant. They pair well with rustic-style kitchens as well as sleek and modern styles. Whatever the style of your home, granite can add an extra touch of class.

Suitable for different rooms

Granite countertops are ideally suited to both kitchen countertops and your bathroom vanity. They make a perfect surface for an island in the middle of a kitchen or as part of an open-plan room. Granite can even be used elsewhere in your home, like surrounding the fireplace, as floor or wall tiles, or in outdoor features. The possibilities are practically endless.

Available as slab or tile

Depending on your aesthetic preferences and budget, you can choose between whole slabs or smaller tiles when adding granite to your home. Many people prefer the appearance of granite slab because it is fitted without seams, while seams between tiles can be visible. However, granite tile is a more affordable choice. It’s up to you which style suits your home and budget.

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