A citrus and spice infused natural cleanser is a simple and healthy way to keep your house clean this holiday season. Get away from harsh cleaners and bleach smells. Fill your space with natural products good for even the messiest of people. Follow this step by step guide to make your own cleaner from citrus, cinnamon and cloves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes I think making a mess actually makes me feel better.
  • While I do like the results of vinegar, I don’t necessarily want my house to smell like Easter eggs (PAAS anyone?), which is why I infuse these very simple recipes with citrus.
  • Truly one of the easiest recipes to follow, and the cleaner works just as well as some of the chemically ones I used to use.

“While I do prefer things to have their place, it goes against every atom in my being to be “neat and tidy.””