Dealing with Different Stains on Kitchen Countertops

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When it comes to cleaning stains from kitchen countertops not all stains can be treated the same. If you have countertops made of natural stone, such as marble or granite, the best defense is not allowing for staining to occur in the first place. If you spill something on the counter it’s important to clean it up immediately.

Water Based Stains and Spills

The most common spill on your countertops is water. If left to sit, it could leave a small stain where the spill took place. To prevent this from happening, use a paper towel to blot the liquid from the counter. Never wipe the liquid as it will only spread it around and make the potential for a stain even bigger. Once blotted, dry the area with a soft, clean cloth and let air dry.

Oil Based Spills

Unfortunately, water is not the only thing that will end up on your kitchen countertops as oil-based spills, such as cooking oil and grease, milk and cosmetic products can also leave an unsightly stain. These will usually be dark in color and can be cleaned using a gentle chemical cleaner to dissolve the offending liquid and then flushed with clean water. Blot the water as with a liquid stain and dry accordingly.

Organic Stains

Organic stains come from coffee, tea and other foods and usually leave a pink color stain. Cleaning up the items and flushing with clear water will usually make the stain go away. However, if the stain remains, it can be removed with a liquid cleaner, but no abrasive cleaners which could scratch the surface.

Metal Stains

Coming across a green stain on kitchen countertops is usually a sign that wet metal was allowed to sit on the countertop. For example, a metal can was left on the counter and became wet and left a ring on the top. Copper or brass can have a similar effect and a poultice solution can be used to remove the stain. Powdered cleaners mixed with water to create a thick paste can also be used to wipe away the stain.

Paint Stains

Paint is another problem for stone countertops, but if you catch it as soon as it appears, it can usually be wiped away. If it dries and water doesn’t do the trick, lightly scraping the paint with a razor blade can help. If not, paint thinner used sparingly should solve the problem.