A couple that moved into a house fell in love with a house they purchased but missed the one thing that they thought would make it perfect, a homemade tile flooring in their bathroom. They tracked down the contractor who created the flooring and paid to have their bathroom refinished. The article shows the contractor going through the process of creating the floor pattern, installing it, and the result of its installation.

Key Takeaways:

  • When our friend photographer Aya Brackett and her family moved into a house just across a shared courtyard from their former place in Oakland, California, they gained more space.
  • A West Marin, California, artist and art teacher who grew up in Northern England—and has a masters in painting and drawing from Ohio State—Myers specializes in the ancient art of mosaic.
  • The herringbone pattern is composed entirely of white opal glass tiles that, once laid on a mortar bed, present a dazzling range of shades varying from translucent to opaque and many points in between.

“Myers does most of the tile work in her studio in Inverness.”