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Adding Houseplants to Your Kitchen

Are you looking to brighten up your kitchen and add some more life to the room? Houseplants are the perfect solution. You can place small houseplants on your kitchen countertops, windowsill, or kitchen island, or you can have larger houseplants on the floor in your kitchen. As well as looking nice, houseplants have the benefit of cleaning the air inside your home by reducing toxins, and releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide as they photosynthesize.

Let’s look at some of the best houseplants to grow in your kitchen…

Aloe vera

If you have trouble keeping plants alive, then an aloe vera plant is a great option as it’s really low maintenance. This plant looks nice and won’t shed petals or pollen onto your kitchen countertops. And you have the added bonus of being able to harvest aloe vera for treating burns and stings, for example.


Cacti are another low maintenance type of plant to grow in your kitchen as they don’t need watering as much as other plants. They’re perfect for windowsills where they can get access to plenty of light. Here are some of the different types of cactus you could have in your kitchen.

Spider plant

No, it doesn’t attract spiders. This plant is named after its long, hanging leaves. The spider plant doesn’t need lots of sunlight, so you can place it pretty much anywhere in your kitchen. This one’s particularly great for purifying the air of odors and pollutants.


This long, trailing plant is perfect for placing on top of high cupboards and cabinets in your kitchen. It’s a hardy plant that can survive in lots of different light conditions, and only needs watering once every week or two, so it’s easy to keep it growing indoors.

Growing herbs for the kitchen

Growing herbs in your kitchen gives you the twofold benefit of having something nice to look at and some fresh ingredients for your cooking. Grow some fresh basil and oregano to complement your Italian recipes, parsley for seasoning fish and other dishes, or mint to add to your homemade mojitos. Herbs are really versatile and reasonably easy to grow as long as they get plenty of sunlight. Here are some tips to help you grow herbs indoors.

Get your kitchen looking great with quality natural stone countertops and some nice plants growing on top of them. Contact Amanzi Granite to find out more about our natural stone for your floors and countertops, and our maintenance and installation services around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.

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