Columbia Granite Countertops

Although we recommend many of our customers in Columbia granite countertops, we offer several other varieties of countertops, made from marble, travertine, or onyx. Each of these has its own unique benefits. Learn more about these varieties to make an informed decision.

Travertine Countertops

A kind of limestone, travertine is widely used in construction. The Romans themselves built the impressive Colosseum with it. When well-polished, it can look splendid.

Travertine countertops often look wonderful, and they can be quite resistant if properly maintained. Maintenance is, in fact, crucial when it comes to travertine, whether it’s used outdoors for building facades, or indoors, for walls or countertops.

When using a travertine countertop, make sure you follow all the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Marble Countertops

A metamorphic rock, marble has long been used as a building material, as well as by sculptors. In fact many, if not most, of the world’s greatest sculptures have been made in marble.

Although black and white marble is perhaps best known, the rock comes in other colors as well, including blue, yellow, green, and even purple. Marble is beautiful, and countertops made from it are elegant and eye-catching. When polished, marble looks stunning.

Marble’s beauty however, comes at the cost: it’s not as hard as granite or quarts, which means it’s prone to cracking and especially to chipping.

That said, marble countertops for your house are an excellent choice if you’re after something special. What’s important to remember is that marble countertops need to be adequately maintained to preserve their beauty.


Onyx is widely used as a luxurious rock for tabletops. It is translucent, and can be backlit for a special effect. Widely available as cappuccino and white, Onyx may also be green or yellow.

An onyx countertop can look amazing. Many bars and restaurants use backlighted onyx for their countertops, to create an opulent, unforgettable experience.

Which One You Want?

To find out more about Amanzi kitchen countertops, please contact us. We’re eager to answer any questions you may have about our products.